Friday, January 11, 2008

Going....Going.....well, not quite gone

OK...... first of all, in my defense, I need to say this.....things have been a little hectic lately.

So there I am. It's Thursday morning. I'm enjoying a leisurely morning around the breakfast table at my brother Jeremy's house. The pancakes are fantastic (complete with REAL maple syrup), the coffee is excellent (organic, or course), and the company is perfectly enjoyable.'s so nice to just take a few deep breaths after the chaos of "preparing to leave the country for a year". I had finally gotten eveything packed up and in the POD the night before. The plan was to spend a bit of family time in Colorado Springs before driving back to DIA to catch my flight to Managua.

"You know, I think I should make sure my flight is still on time for 3:30", I say, as I pull up my eticket on the computer. hmmmm....that's strange......apparently my 3:30 flight has suddenly....spontaneously...eratically....without warming.....unexpectedly and without my knowledge changed from 3:30 to 11:30.....AM! in one hour from right then!!!!!!!! WHAT???!!!!! (wait a minute, let me try that again in the spirit of heading South) QUE????!!!!!! Well, let's see. I was never a math major or anyting, but if I am supposed to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of the flight, and the airport is about 2 hours away, and I have one hour until the flight leaves......well......I didn't make it.

Yea yea....I know. I know. I apparently got a little scatter-brained at the end there. BUT, all is well! In fact, it couldn't have worked out better. I was able to just relax for a day, get a few more things done, hang with the family, and then fly out of Colorado Springs (i.e. short drive) this AM!

Right now, on FRIDAY afternoon, I'm sitting in the Houston airport typing this (my first) BLOG entry. I feel great, I'm rested and relaxed, and I'm looking forward to my much anticipated arrival in Managua just a few short hours from now. I mean sure, I'm 24 hours behind schedule, but if you think of it, I'm moving to Central America. I'm ONLY 24 hours late:)

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